Wool is a magic fiber. Almost. You should remember a few things about its care so our blanket will keep its look for many years.

Our blankets are made of 100% New Zealand wool. Like any natural raw material, it requires special treatment to keep its properties and durability for a long time. Generally, the easiest way to maintain longevity is to avoid frequent washing. The thing about wool is that it kind of … cleans itself. It doesn’t absorb dust or dirt inside the fibers. Take your blanket outside regularly and let it breathe the fresh air – that will do.

How to care, wash and clean woolen blankets?

  • dry cleaning is recommended
  • wool does not absorb dust, no need to wash frequently;
  • air the blanket regularly, the fibers will regenerate and refresh;
  • if you have to you can wash the blanket using water:  hand wash only, max. 30*, do not spin or whirl, dry flat;