The story is simple – the few things I love the most in life are epic views, good sleep and mulled wine. For epic views I moved from the city to the mountains. Now I can have them every day. It’s my win. If it comes to good sleep – CBD oil from my friend’s brand took care of that. Game changer. Don’t need to count sheep or anything. But I get to the sheep later. Mulled wine smells exactly like a winter in the mountains which for me is just pure magic. The feeling that these three things give me had to be combined when I’m indoor.

Home – that’s how it’s called.

It’s just one word to describe your every life essential that brings you to happiness. Feeling home is simply feeling warm. At least for me it is. The mission is to keep this feeling wherever you are. Being outdoor but feeling home?

Pure bliss.


Made of pure wool, king size, created to last. Mountain cabin, forest getaway, camper or a tent – wherever you are you can feel like home but not being in it.

100% New Zealand wool

Wool – Nature’s miracle fiber

New Zealand or Merino wool is really friendly and healthy to our body. It has even healing properties.

Thanks to the hard climate conditions (about 30°C in the summer and -30°C in the winter) New Zealand sheep has developed extraordinary ability

to survive extreme temperatures.

That means this breathable fibre helps control humidity and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Outheres™ blankets are made of 100% New Zealand wool only.

We trust in the Nature and its power. We also trust in using things that acctually fullfil their purpose. Cover yourself with this blanket and you will acctually feel warm.